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  • Personal Training

    Achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively with personalized training, expert guidance and tailored workouts..

  • Beach Workout

    What you need to know before working out on the beach? 1 - Wear your workout gear. * Working out barefoot at the beach is effective – it activates more muscles in your feet and improves proprioception 2 - Watch out for the sun. * Bring your sunscreen, hat & sunglasses. 3 - Hydrate. 4 - Have fun and get toned before hopping in the ocean to cool off!

  • Crossfit

    Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program where the exercise routines, known as WODs, change everyday. It is designed to make you better at tasks you may encounter everyday. It makes you very fit !

  • Open Gym

    workout by yourself on your weaknesses, challenges and goals.

  • HIKE

    These items should be on your hiking checklist: 1. Hiking backpack 2. Weather-appropriate clothing 3. Hiking boots or shoes 4. Plenty of food 5. Plenty of water 6. Navigation tools such as a map and compass 7. First-aid kit 8. A hat 9. Sunglasses

  • Female BodyBuilding

    A regimen of exercises designed to enhance the female body's muscular development and promote general health and fitness.

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